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Information for professionals: Colposcopy and cell changes

The information in this section is aimed at primary care staff, colposcopists, nurse colposcopists and colposcopy nurses. It may also be useful for other clinical or non-clinical professionals. 

After cervical screening, women and people with a cervix may be invited to colposcopy to investigate cervical cell changes further. Both the experience and result can cause a mixture of emotions for the patient – from relief that a possible issue is being looked into; to anxiety about what will happen at the appointment; to fear that cell changes will develop into cervical cancer. 

It is incredibly important that the healthcare professionals patients interact with during this time – from the primary care staff they may call for reassurance about the referral, through to the colposcopy team they will meet at the hospital – are able to offer explanation and reassurance. 

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Date last updated: 
14 Jan 2022
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14 Jan 2025