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Boux Avenue partner with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and CoppaFeel!

Thu, 18/05/2023 - 09:17

Today, Boux Avenue have announced their partnership with CoppaFeel! and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, with a mission of looking after women from top to bottom. Breast and cervical cancer are amongst the most common cancers for women in the U.K., with 1 in 7 women being affected with breast cancer in their lifetime, and 9 women a day are diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

From May 2023, customers will be able to provide a donation at till points in stores, and checkout on BouxAvenue.com, with equal 50% split of the donation to both charities*. There will also be a Charity landing page on the Boux Avenue site, providing highlighted information on the charities, key facts and a link to The Avenue wellness blog.

Zoe Price-Smith, Boux Avenue’s Chief Design & Product Officer, said:  

“At Boux Avenue we are passionate about supporting our community in any way we can, which is why we are thrilled to launch a partnership with not just one charity but two charities. By working with CoppaFeel! and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust we can make it our mission to look after women from top to bottom. Boux Avenue will be able to become a supporting hub to our current and future community helping to raise awareness, educate and support. We have chosen CoppaFeel! and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust as they align with our key brand messaging of empowering women, taking ownership of their bodies and feeling confident. Whether that is confidence in checking your breasts on a monthly basis or attending your cervical screening. With this joint partnership we hope we can help make a positive impact in the women’s health sector.”

To launch the Charity partnership, four women who are currently living with or have lived with either breast or cervical cancer, are sharing their stories: Lizzi is 32 years old and is currently living with secondary breast cancer. Karlina is 27 years old and was diagnosed at 26 with Breast cancer. Beth is 38 years old, a mum of three and was diagnosed at 37 with cervical cancer. Crystal is 39 years old and was diagnosed at 37 with cervical cancer.

CoppaFeel! - Helping to look after the top half of women

It is CoppaFeel’s mission to educate and empower young people to know what’s normal for their bodies, so they can seek medical advice should they notice a change. CoppaFeel! has educational videos and materials on how to check your breasts (the tissue from your rib cage up to your collarbone and armpits, including your nipples), along with tools and texts to encourage everyone to become confident, regular checkers! Through their collaboration, Boux Avenue and CoppaFeel! will be able to help drive greater breast awareness in young people, by providing the information needed to check, offering advice on what to do should you notice a change, and provide the reassurance that you are the best advocates for your  health. If found early, breast cancer is treatable and survival rates are higher, which is why early diagnosis is key and why this partnership is so important in helping spread CoppaFeel!’s message as far as possible. 

Jenna Chick, Partnerships Manager at CoppaFeel!, said:

"We are so excited to be supported by Boux Avenue in their amazing mission to look after women from top to bottom. Partners like Boux raise the vital funds and awareness we need to spread our chest-checking (and life saving!) message to more young people across the UK. Breast cancer can affect anybody, and knowing your body can save your life. CoppaFeel! exists to give all young people the best chance of surviving breast cancer, by ensuring that every case is diagnosed early. We're so grateful to Boux Avenue for helping us educate, encourage and empower their customers and enact real behaviour change and are excited to work together this year and beyond."

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust - Helping to look after the bottom half of women

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity. It is Jo’s mission to provide trustworthy information, campaign for change and provide support at every step to anyone affected by cervical cancer. Jo’s vision is a future where cervical cancer is a thing of the past, and the great news is we already have the tools to do this: knowing the signs and symptoms, taking up your invitation for cervical screening (smear test) and the HPV vaccine when offered can all help prevent cervical cancer. Cervical screening saves thousands of lives a year however across the UK 1 in 3 do not attend when invited. With the educational resources and awareness both Boux Avenue and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust can provide, we hope to see more and more women attending their cervical screening and help end cervical cancer in the UK.

Samantha Dixon, CEO at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, said:

"We are thrilled to be a part of Boux Avenue’s mission to look after women from top to bottom. Being there to support and inform women about their health and wellbeing is at the heart of what Jo’s does, and this partnership will help us to continue to do so while being there for even more women affected by cervical cancer. "Screening can help prevent cervical cancer but 1 in 3 women don’t attend, and knowledge of the symptoms is low. Partnering with Boux Avenue will help change this by raising awareness of cervical cancer and the importance of attending your screening appointment. It is our pleasure to work with everyone at Boux Avenue to help spread life-saving messages so that together, we can one day end cervical cancer.”


*100% of donations will be split equally between our partners CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer awareness charity in the UK, registered charity number 1132366 (England and Wales) and SC045970 (Scotland) and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, registered charity number 7111375 (England and Wales) and SC041236 (Scotland),  with the exception of key moments in the year when one of the charities will benefit from all donations; 1 October to 31 October where donations will go to CoppaFeel! and the last two weeks of January and the last two weeks of June to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust