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Raising awareness

If you've found this page, you are probably looking for the best ways to raise awareness of all things cervical. Whether you want to shout about cervical screening, symptoms, cervical cell changes or cervical cancer, we have you covered. Read on to get our tips for starting the conversation. 

Get involved with our awareness weeks

We host two awareness weeks every year:

We have a new theme or topic each year, as well as lots of ways to get involved. It's a great time to start conversations and raise awareness, because it's what everyone's talking about!

Download or share our resources

We have loads of resources you can download and share online or in person, whether you're raising awareness of cervical screening, symptoms or another cervix-related issue. 

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Ways to use our resources

  • Print and put up our posters in toilets, lobbies or waiting rooms
  • Add links to your social media or website – or, if you're raising awareness in the workplace, to your internal comms channels
  • Use them as a prompt to start conversations with your family and friends
  • Print our resources and host an information stand >

Keep an eye on our events

We run or take part in events throughout the year. Most are for anyone affected by cervical cancer, so if you or someone you know would benefit for them, keep an eye on our support events page.

See our upcoming support events >

We also sometimes host Q&A sessions and live chats on our social media channels, especially during awareness week, so make a note of those too:

Raising awareness FAQs

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to send out printed resources. This is because of the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to offer printed resources again in future, but we can't say when that might be.

In the meantime, we have PDF downloads available on our Shop. You can share these online or print them out.

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We're so grateful that you thought of us, but at the moment we aren't often able to speak at events, as we are a very small team. We hope to be able to offer something in future, so watch this space!

We have lots of tips for healthcare professionals on improving access to cervical screening, including hosting drop-in clinics and best practice during appointments. Find out more >

Date last updated: 
21 Jan 2021