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Radio 4 Appeal

In our 20th anniversary year, we're delighted to have been selected for a BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal.

Journalist and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup will be presenting our Appeal on Radio 4 this Sunday. You can hear it live:

  • Sunday 2 February at 7:55am and 9:25pm
  • Thursday 6 February at 3.25 pm

Mariella Frostrup Radio 4 Appeal

While we were recording the Appeal Mariella told us why she volunteered to present our Appeal:

"I've spoken to a lot of young women who have had cancer diagnoses and are going through early menopause, the impact of being in your 20s or even 30s and experiencing early menopause is such a terrible and enduring issue. Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is an amazing facility for women to find someone to talk to, who understands what they're going through."

Liz's story

Liz Long Jo's supporter

Liz was just 29 when she was told she had cervical cancer.

She was a new mum and terrified that she would leave her 8 month old daughter without a mother. Her own parents were fearful they would outlive their own child. She faced gruelling treatment but cancer doesn’t end when treatment does and, despite being in remission, her life is now very different to the one she hoped for. Still young, she is dealing with the loss of her fertility while watching her friends build their families. Her plans of a big family gone. She will endure the difficult symptoms of early menopause with her skin, hair and mood all affected. And then there’s the daily fear of her cancer returning.  

The HPV vaccination and cervical screening programmes can prevent cervical cancer from developing, but lack of information, support, and unequal access mean many don’t take up these potentially life-saving opportunities. Through our campaigns and education programmes, we are working hard to change this. We want to make cervical cancer a disease of the past and your support will help us get there.

No one should face a diagnosis alone

Our support services are there at every step. For those with questions about preventing the disease, those experiencing anxiety around screening results and for women like Liz, living with and beyond cancer.

By calling the Helpline Liz was able to voice her fears and get the answers she needed. Most importantly she spoke to someone who understood. 

How you can help

Having someone to talk to was a lifeline for Liz and your donation can help fund this vital service. Just £16 funds a Helpline call providing support when someone needs it the most. By giving a gift today you can help fund this vital service.

Between Sunday 2 February and Saturday 8 February, you can donate to the Appeal by:

  • Calling the BBC Radio 4 Appeal number 0800 404 8144
  • Online through the BBC Radio 4 Appeal webpage
  • Making a cheque made out to ‘Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’ and sending it to 'Freepost BBC Radio 4 Appeal’. Mark the back of the envelope ‘Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’.

Before Sunday 2 February and after Saturday 8 February, you can still donate!

Make a donation through our online form and find out other ways to donate 

Date last updated: 
23 Jan 2020