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HPV Stories

Almost everybody will get HPV at in their lifetime, so why do so many women and people with a cervix who are told they have it know nothing about it? It’s time to start talking about HPV.

Our new report, HPV Stories, shines a light on the experiences of people who are diagnosed with HPV and how it affected them. Each story is different, and each brings attention to ways that we can improve the experience of being told you have HPV.

 Thank you so much to all the media volunteers who shared their story for this report, and everybody who attended a focus group or completed surveys which helped us to compile it.

What do we want to see?

  • Greater education about HPV from vaccination age with its inclusion in PSHE, and/or science lessons
  • Appropriate information and increased awareness across the life course about what HPV is, how common it is and what it means to have the virus
  • More information and resources for those who are diagnosed on what it means to have HPV for example how to communicate with partners
  • Greater sharing of, and listening to, the patient experience so that healthcare professionals are equipped to deal with the wide range of questions and concerns their patients may bring
  • HPV normalised with the STI label taken away
  • Investment in research around HPV to provide reassurance and answers, gaps in knowledge filled.

How can you help?

  • Share this report and share your own experience
  • Keep talking about HPV, share the facts from our webpages

Suggested tweet

“Getting a HPV diagnosis can be confusing and scary. We’re sharing #HPVStories to help break down the stigma and misinformation around this really common virus.

Do you have questions about HPV? You aren’t alone - @JoTrust have confidential support and the facts. www.jostrust.org.uk/hpvstories

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Date last updated: 
13 Dec 2021
Date due for review: 
13 Dec 2021