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Information for professionals: HPV

The information in this section is aimed at healthcare professionals, including sample takers, colposcopists and oncologists. It may also be useful for other non-clinical professionals. 

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the name of a group of common viruses. In England, Scotland and Wales, cervical screening routinely checks for high-risk HPV – types that can be linked to cervical cancer. This is sometimes called HPV primary screening. In Northern Ireland, HPV is sometimes checked for after a result of low cell changes. This is sometimes called HPV triage.  

HPV can cause extreme anxiety for women and people with a cervix. Healthcare professionals play an important role in ensuring the facts about HPV are delivered clearly to reassure patients and encourage greater understanding of the virus.

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Hannah, our Support Services Officer, talks about what she's learned through our Helpline.

"We hear from women who feel ashamed or been treated differently after being told they have HPV."

"As well as thinking the worst, I blamed myself as I presumed that I hadn’t been careful enough."


Date last updated: 
05 Feb 2021
Date due for review: 
01 Feb 2024