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How to organise a fundraiser: a step by step guide

If you’re ready to turn your fundraising ideas into reality, these simple steps might come in handy.

Fundraising event1. Create a plan of action

First things first, what type of event are you planning? Once you’ve decided on a date, start a list of the different things you need to organise. Why not set a target for the amount you want to raise.

To help you get started, order fundraising materials from our online shop. Remember our team will be there to support you from start to finish. 

2. Set up a JustGiving page

A JustGiving page makes it easy for your friends and family to sponsor you. This link will take you to the JustGiving website where you can set up your page. Personalise your page to tell people your story and why you have chosen to support Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

3. Tell us about your event

Get in touch to let us know about the event you’re planning by emailing [email protected]. We love to hear from our supporters and can give you tips to make your event run smoothly.

4. Order your resources

We have free materials and merchandise, including t-shirts, posters and collection boxes, to help you promote your event and encourage donations. Have a think about what else you will need on the day such as refreshments, raffle prizes and a camera to take photos!

5. Tell everyone about your event

Use social media to spread the word by creating an event on Facebook or sending some tweets. Ask if you can put up posters at work and email all your colleagues as well as telling family and friends . Your local media might be interested in your fundraiser so it’s always worth contacting them in advance.


If you have any questions or need support please get in touch with our fundraising team at [email protected].  

Fundraising ideas

Whether you are fundraising at home, school, work or in your community, we have ideas for you.

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