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Cycle India

Women V Cancer Cycle India 2023

Get ready for a red-hot challenge cycling from the mesmerising Taj Mahal to the pretty pink city of Jaipur for Women V Cancer.

Our stunning 360km cycle immerses us in the fascinating region of Rajasthan. Prepare to cycle through a world of vibrant clothes and flowers, exotic fruit farms, lush tea plantations and beautiful temples. 


We'll stay in friendly local villages, follow roads through beautiful countryside and discover the wildlife-packed Ranthambore National Park, one of the last remaining places on Earth where Royal Bengal tigers can roam safely in their natural habitat. As one of the world's most critically endangered species, it's unlikely we'll spot a tiger, but we’ll have awesome opportunities to see other protected species, visit iconic temples and get an insight into the ancient culture of India.

You'll make a group of lifelong friends and most importantly make a huge impact on three womens cancer charities; Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, Breast Cancer Now and Ovarian Cancer Action. 

Worried about fundraising? 

New for 2023 overseas adventures: self fund your Women V Cancer adventure!
We want as many of you as possible to experience our top-rated Cycle India challenge with the Women V Cancer community as it is just too good to miss.

Therefore, we've opened a self funding option! In a coconut shell, you pay for your own challenge costs and then just fundraise as much as you can for the Women V Cancer charities with no target to reach.


We still encourage you to do your best at collecting donations, as they will go a very, very long way to help people facing breast, cervical and ovarian cancers, but as the charities won't pay your challenge costs on your behalf, there is no pressure to reach a minimum amount.