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Fighting off high-risk HPV with vitamins, supplements, diet, etc.

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Fighting off high-risk HPV with vitamins, supplements, diet, etc.

Just curious to know what others with hrHPV are doing to try and fight it off into dormancy.

Perhaps I am going overboard, lol, but I really want to clear mine (HPV-45) within 2 years, and have already had it for almost a full year, so I am taking the most vitamins and supplements I have ever taken in my entire life!

Here's my current (excessive?) regimen:

- Multivitamin
- Omega-3 fish oil complex
- Evening primrose oil
- Vitamin C with zinc
- Lutein and zeaxanthin
- Lycopene
- Astragalus

- Folic acid


Eating as many fresh, healthy foods as possible, like broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, turmeric, papaya, berries, grapefruit, green tea, herbal teas, etc.

- Quit smoking
- Reduced alcohol, late nights
- Vague attempts at "exercise"
- No sex (I'm single), no tampons

I have no clue if any of this is actually helping or just a waste of money, especially the vitamins and supplements. Anyway, I just thought it would be interesting to compare with others, and to see if anything proved helpful or not, etc.

Infected with hrHPV-45 since Sep 2015, normal smears so far despite increased risk factors, advised to follow up in 6 months, fingers crossed!


Well done on being so proactive. I have no clue on vitamins but figure they can't hurt.  Everything else you are doing sounds great, particularly quitting smoking, as there is a direct link between this and persistent HPV/abnormal cells.

I have a friend who had mild abnormalites and quit smoking/reduced alcohol/ate better/exercised and her abnormal cells returned to normal within 6 months so it can be done. 

Managing stress is extremely important.  Try not to let this take over your life and stay relaxed about it all.  also try and do things that relax you - reading, guided meditation, yoga, adult colouring books, long walks - whatever works xx

October 2014 - Severe dyskorosis 

December 2014 - Lletz 

January 6th 2015 - Diagnosed 1B1 squamas cell cancer.  Poorly differentiated

February 6th 2015 - Radical Trachelectomy with lymph node removal.  2 weeks later ALL CLEAR!

Having 3 monthly checkups including smears, internals and occassional MRI's  



Thanks :) and that is good to know about your friend! I'm hoping some or all of what I'm doing will help, as I've never been so terrified about a diagnosis before. :s  Maybe I'm overreacting, but hrHPV and the increased risk of developing CC, of it coming back, etc., scare the bejesus out of me! Reducing stress is important, I know, but that is probably my weakest area. :/  Meditation is supposed to help, but I'm not the meditating type, so I'm going to have to find something else.  

Infected with hrHPV-45 since Sep 2015, normal smears so far despite increased risk factors, advised to follow up in 6 months, fingers crossed!


Hi , I have 1b1 cc and am due a RH . My regime is Vit C high dose , Vit D3 high dose , zinc , magnesium , calcium , multi vitamin , beta glucan and PS-7 ( mushroom)

i drink plenty of water , eat mainly organic , I exercise daily on a rebounder to drain lymph glands .

i drink kifir and Kombucha and eat fermented foods 

blessings Michelle 



I will have to look into vitamin D3, beta glucan and kefir, etc. I'm happy to incorporate anything that's healthy into my diet, but hadn't really thought of kefir and fermented foods, so thanks for that! I made a bizarre mushroom soup today, with shiitake, maitake and portobello, garlic, ginger, coriander and other random, mismatched ingredients, lol. Anyway, that was my mushroom "supplement" (not heard of PS-7, only AHCC). All the very best with your upcoming RH, by the way, and may you have a speedy recovery. x

Infected with hrHPV-45 since Sep 2015, normal smears so far despite increased risk factors, advised to follow up in 6 months, fingers crossed!


Hi there,

I am taking juice plus which is a mixture of berries which contain green tea extract and vit c and d.

i am also taking sambucol which strengthens immune system as well aloe Vera gel capsules. This was mainly for digestion but it is great for immune system too.

lots of fresh veg with dinne and waters too! just started going back to the gym (after lletz 5 weeks ago) so am taking it steady.

desperate to fight this off! 


haii i just wondering what is your result?... you didn't update for such a long time.
do you manage to cleared it up?
could you give me your email please, so we could share some information

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